MA Impianti was founded in 1996 by the technical experience and by the business vocation of Andrea and Pierangelo Masiero that gave life to a company able to apply the most advanced management technologies for industrial systems, tertiary sector and residential systems.
The company, over the years has made significant positive changes to the
organization, expanding the outlooks of its market.
These additions brought MA Impianti srl to conquer the American customer in Italy, acquiring works in military USAG bases in phases of construction and maintenance of buildings.
The company got important achievements in American business, which made that the spirit and standards of the structure tend to the solid, efficient and successful overseas way to proceed.


MA Impianti is certified with standards UNI-EN ISO 9001:2008;
SOA certification qualification, and is also qualified to act on behalf of the US Government.


Post-Sales Service


  1. Constanly Information

    Provide constanly info service to the customer, in order to update about new technologies that could be applied to buildings and eventual financing support.

  2. Assistance
    • Call support, when could be applied easy problems resolutions
    • Scheduled assistance on site
  3. Planned Preventive Maintenance

    It is a maintenance policy that aims to perform a maintenance check of “revision”, “replacement” or “repair” before system failures, which would result in a very high cost, not even comparable to the cost of maintenance that should be scheduled. This service is performed primarily to the tertiary sector / receptive tertiary, industrial and commercial,  studying requirements depending on the activities / processes and type of location.

Philosophy and Values

MA Impianti makes of quality, flexibility and support the basic rules of its work. The pre and post sales services include consulting, customized design, scheduled installation, staff training, technical assistance and preventive / evolutionary maintenance.
The project department studies 360° the necessity of customers and users, and produces a careful examination of the environmental characteristics.
The company staff is working closely with designers and customers in order to achieve excellent results in scheduled time, adapting to their space and time necessity maximizing the overall result.
MA Impianti is, first of all, a dynamic group of people who constantly interact to achieve, develop and progress their ideas. Since 1997, more than ever, it has developed a strong and autonomous identity, where experience, hisotrical know-how and innovative studies combined with the energy and enthusiasm of the present, allow to become a contractor able to offer truly relevant solutions to its customers.
The dynamic group finds a solid base in the centrality of each person involved.
In MA Impianti, each person has a specific role enriched with 360° projects and costant training protected in each function under safety profile. MA Impianti acquires contracts; its people make them their own. What customers receive by MA Impianti is an inescapable value from this foundamental consistency.