MA Impianti is able to act as a single point of contact and as the sole responsible of the works.

General Details
Benefits for the customer: less management costs and guarantees of completing works following the scheduling. By taking the role as general contractor, MA Impianti, is able to cover the entire realization process.
It takes in charge the management and direct all activities needed in order to perform a 100% completed work, coordinating all sectors and phases:

  • Site survey / Achievement information about the work required
  • Executive planning (supported by dedicated freelancers)
    submitting to the customer:
    –    Shop drawings
    –    Technical datasheets of selected materials
  • Offer development
  •  Time scheduling
  • Human resources coordination
  • Materials delivery coordination
  • Selection of personnel / companies qualified
  • Selection / supply and installation of materials and equipment
  • Management
  • Quality control
  • Testing and certifications
  • As-Built drawings
  • Training for ordinary use and maintenance of the equipment installed (supported by illustrative documents)


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